Marco Piva
Talent management

Young and innovative entrepreneurs, Marco is founder, Ceo and Chairman of Boost a Round srl, a forefront reality focused on business development and marketing communication strategies on social media. Highly accomplished visionary and strongly personally driven, he combines outstanding strategic and problem solving abilities with a genuine star quality of leadership. Impeccable sales and motivational skills, he has a proven track record of successful credibility with clients, investors and employees. Lifelong passion for entrepreneurship, technology and social media, his mission in life is to constantly enrich his professional skills with innovative technological concepts, sharing his know-how equally with collaborators and partners. Highly proactive and engaged in improving society he is genuinely interested in finding new ways to use digital tools to improve the life of those affected by ADHD by being at the front line of projects that are aimed to spread a better approach to a disorder affecting young people and adult professionals alike.

Previously, Marco worked as digital manager; in the league of those who understood far in advance the change of this market he has been one of the first to heavily take advantage of social media as an alternative way of communicating, pushing recommendations for DBs’ and data’s ownership.